My problem with politics and political parties in general….

So despite the clearly more liberal tone of my last two posts, I’ll now explain my issues with the current political system and why I make it a point to say I am an independent instead of Democrat or Republican. My first issue isn’t just in regards to the parties, its in regards to the majority of Americans who put more emphasis on party affiliation then they do the issues. What I mean is that in my experience people isolate a handful of issues that they understand or have a strong opinion on, pick the party that best correlates with those handful of ideas (often irrelevant to the managment of a nation), and then they shape the rest of their thoughts and opinions to be in accordance with that political party (and memebers of both are equally guilty). They don’t take the time to be educated on issues, on the specific details of policies, or consider the repercussions of said policies. Instead they assume that since the party matches up to those few genuine opinions and ideas that the individual DOES have, that every stance the party takes is also in their best interest. If you are 100% against abortion, thats fine! I understand there is no RIGHT answer on this matter and is strictly opinion on both sides, but PLEASE do not use that as your reason to back the Republican Economic Plan in my previous post. The same to Liberals, I understand your support of Gay-Marriage, but don’t let that lead you to elect someone who would run the country into the ground (hypothetically speaking, not referring to Obama). The issues of most importance this election will should be the economy and foreign policy. So I am asking all people of both parties who read this to do research on these issues, now just your parties or candidates position on them, but on all of the different theories, ideas, and suggestions. Form your own opinion, and then vote for the one who fits best with them. If you can’t or don’t take the time to do that, then do us a favor and DON’T VOTE. We would all (yourself included) be much better off if you didn’t.

On another note, the other day I read an article about how the Republican party is considering what demographics to start to start targeting since their main demographic is aging and dying off. First off I’m not targeting Conservatives, both parties do this, but the article specifically adresses Conservatives. I just find it interesting that political parties are acting as companies selling a product in which they have to customize their sales pitch to different demographics. Shouldn’t politics just be about what is best for the Nation as a whole in which case such strategizing shouldn’t be necessary? The priority for both parties is having control, not the well being of the general public. You think the Republican candidates are really as ignorant as they make themselves out to be? I bet not. They aren’t concerned with democrats or independents (Yet). They are only concerned with gaining the majority of Republican support that comprises less than 1/4th of the total population, explaining why they sound so friggen stupid to the other 75% of us. Once it comes to the presidential election I can guarentee whoever the nominee is will take a much more moderate tone on the issues. Also the amount of hostility between parties on both a congressional and civilian level is RIDICULOUS. People respond to the questioning of their parties ideas the same way if not worse than they would the questioning of their religion and that should definately not be the case. So the bottom line is with people putting party affiliation above developing their own thoughts, and Parties catering specifically to whatever demographic concoction gives them an upper hand in what has essentially become a political pissing contest, its no wonder congress and the president can’t get sh*t done!


4 comments on “My problem with politics and political parties in general….

  1. Erimes Jack says:

    I agree with your assessment of the pissing contest going on between the political parties. It seems they are fighting to tell us what they think we want us to hear, without any regard for the fact that what we want to hear is… the truth!

    This is why Ron Paul is so attractive to so many young voters. For the first time in our lives there is a politician who isn’t trying to cater his message to each audience, seeking to manipulate us into voting for him. He’s telling it like it is, and even though a lot of what he says is painful, sometimes the only remedy is a bitter pill.

    That said, I think we are going to either see the rise of a viable and powerful third party, or an uprising of sorts as the economy continues to fail and our generation continues to get shoved downward, without good paying jobs and the ability to pursue our dreams, and in the face of rising prices we will have to take a stand for our right to pursue happiness in a fair system, or we will become the next “lost generation.”

  2. skrepps says:

    Ron Paul was attractive to me for a while especially in my first year and half at college where I was particularly open to any kind of new ideas. Eventually I started to understand the importance of thorough research instead of agreeing with things that sounded good in theory (not saying thats you I am saying that was me). I do still agree in part with his stance on our foreign presence and insistence on “policing the world” as he likes to put it. I agree with him particularly on his suggestions that we no longer continue to be an ally of Israel, doing so alone has put us at more risk from extremists than anything else. We have no reason for being there other than trying to spread and secure democracy as well as religious interest in Israel. There is no other benefit. I seriously had a conversation with someone the other day who legitimately believed we were constantly targeted by terrorists because they were “jealous of our religion and standard of living”. When it is definitely our inability to mind our own business along with the ignorance illustrated in the mentioned conversation.

    But back to Ron Paul, the fact of the matter is that his desire to return to the gold standard is not possible. There was a reason we expanded off of a metal standard, it wasn’t practical. The obsession with that idea is just an attempt to “go back to a simpler time” as well is his obsession with being a strict constitutionalist.

    And although I agree to an extent with his ideas on foreign policy, I believe him to be TOO extreme in which case the U.S. would become an isolated country with protectionist policies. He’s demonstrated no real knowledge of how the global economy works.

    And he is also obsessed with a minimalist approach to government and government spending. If you go back and read my 2nd post that gives my well researched thoughts on the federal deficit and debt, you’ll see why I’m about to say that he would become the next Herbert Hoover and that is not a good thing.

    So ultimately his ideas are attractive because they are new and refreshing. And lets be honest here, a republican candidate as obsessed as he is with personal freedoms and liberties? That attracts everyone who is not liberal but has been neglected by the polarized views of every other republican candidate. Unfortunately its too good to be true because the rest of his policies are not practical and would actually hurt alot more than help.

  3. The Mad Jewess says:

    and why I make it a point to say I am an independent instead of Democrat or Republican

    SO am I, so stop bothering me. (Conservative Indep)
    I hate the Dems, I hate the R’s.
    Got it?
    Gas does NOT have to be as high as it is.
    You know this, I know it.

    Pls dont bother me and be rude, I am recovering from life-threatening surgery, and I do my best.
    Thank you.

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